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I'm a college girl (University of Texas at Austin– Hook 'em) who drinks too much coffee & has lot of ideas. I love meeting new people, and if I have sent you a picture of my cat, you can consider us friends. I believe in the sharing of ideas & experiences, so I thought I'd put them here. Most content is self-generated, but I enjoy sharing the work of others as well. So get ready for some day-to-day novelty.

It’s finally feeling like spring here in Austin, Texas. I’ve had these lovely blooms in my desks for a few weeks, just waiting!

Day trip to San Antonio!

South By South West {SXSW}, a week-long music, film & interactive festival, definitely captures the spirit of Austin {Live Music Capital of the World!}.

During my SXSW adventure, I went to two big shows, Damon Albarn {from the Gorillaz} at a rooftop show downtown and Childish Gambino at Bulter Park {my favorite}, all thanks to Twitter. In retrospect, I’m not really sure how music festivals happened before the internet, because SXSW seemed almost exclusive to social media. Without Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook, you didn’t know what was happening where, what the lines were like, and who was giving out free stuff. Several brands used social media for concert venue access and product giveaways. Everyone sharing their experiences online helped spread news and information quickly and helped people make informed decisions!

I also went to a few bars on 6th and got to hear more music. There was even music on the streets as I walked around downtown Austin, and it was great. Just waking around downtown during the festival, you are bound to hear music wherever you go. However, having a plan of attack and arriving to events early is the best way to go {personal experience}. However, did I score a few cool t-shirts & poster. Not too bad!

Spring break adventures– had a lovely dinner at The Oasis restaurant {looking over Lake Travis} completed by one of the best margaritas I’ve had yet {guava flavor} and a breath taking sunset! Austin’s sure looking pretty.

Tiny accomplishment over spring break: going to the top of Mount Bonnell for this incredible view of west Austin. That being said, all of the views in west Austin’s hill country are amazing. All you have to do is look out the window!

More Paris inspiration! My Instagram feed has been full if lovely photos recently, I love it!

{Photos from @vougemagazine, @parisinfourmonths, @songofstyle, @garypeppergirl, @jbmaunier.}

I’ve been so inspired by the Instagram photos Anna Bond of Rifle Paper Co. {@annariflebond} has been posting during her time in Paris! They fit my mood perfectly on this rainy gray day in Austin, Texas. I’m thrilled for her new collection with Garance Doré– inspired by this beautiful city– and I can’t wait to experience Paris for myself this summer!

No matter where you are, your workspace should inspire you {surround yourself with beautiful things}.

Shout-out to my aunt who hooked me up with these fabulous nail wraps! I’ve been having great fun experimenting with colors & patterns. It’s the little things– they can really add something big to your look!

Thank you to everyone for the birthday wishes. I had an amazing 21st birthday yesterday! A huge thank you goes out to my wonderful mom for the Edible Arrangements package & to my roommate for Einstein’s Bagels for my birthday breakfast! I also got to enjoy dinner {& a few lovely cocktails} with friends at Vivo’s Tex Mex! I’m a lucky girl.

A fun Friday afternoon spent at the most charming little golf course downtown~ I’m looking forward to a three-day weekend. The weather is Austin today was so amazing, I actually want to spend time outside. Fancy that!

First day back to school– I spruced up my desk with fresh flowers & some new décor for the spring semester! Changing up my work space {even just a little bit} helps me refocus & find new inspiration! This semester is going to be a challenging one, but I think I’m ready for it.

Here’s to the new year! 

Click to enlarge!

Today, I began my morning with a cup of coffee {as per usual}, a croissant, and this lovely video of Paris that I discovered on one of my favorite blogs {Paris in Four Months}. It reminded me just how lucky I am to have the opportunity to study abroad in such a breathtaking city, and to have family supporting me {every cent of Christmas and birthday money is going towards this trip of a lifetime, so thank you!}. 

I am going to be studying international marketing at the European Business School {ESCP} for five weeks this summer {June 2 to July 3}.